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Automatic online weighing powder filling machine

    Automatic online weighing powder filling machine is a latest canning machine designed and developed by our company according to the latest GMP standard of the country. The machine adopts the latest technology. and the design is more reasonable. simpler. and more robust. Automatically complete the work of entering cans. measuring. filling. discharging. etc. It is suitable for packing granular materials such as milk powder. monosodium glutamate. solid beverages. grape pods. and rice flour.

    Automatic powder filling machineFeatures:

    1. Chinese and English LCD touch screen. PLC control system. working methods at a glance.

    2. using cans or bottle-shaped containers. no bottles. no bottles are not filled. can be configured automatically into the tank system.

    3. using quick-opening silo to open the door. replace the packaging variety. clean up hygiene and convenience.

    4. using imported servo motor. fast speed. large torque. greatly improving the packaging accuracy.

    5. The use of frame structure. the filling area of ​​organic glass sealed and installed dust removal device.

    5. The principle of weighing filling is adopted. the weight of the packaging is displayed online. and the alarm is exceeded. and each bottle of unqualified product is not missed.

    Technical Parameters:

    Weighing range: 100--5000 (1 g resolution)

    Filling accuracy: ≤ ± 0.2% (in 1000 grams)

    Packing speed: 0-30 cans / min

    Power supply: 380 / 220Y 50--60 HZ

    Machine power: 2KW

    Total weight: 500 kg

    Container volume: cylindrical container 50-180mm high 50-350mm

    The whole volume: 2500×1250×2300 mm

    Container volume: 50L

NOTE: Supply OEM/ODM Service,we can custom according to your production requirements

Packing & Delivery

As usual, we adopt wooden case as package type. It’s suitable for long-distance transport. According to customers’ special demand, we could adopt sheet iron case and so on.